Why do we feel that we don’t have enough?


I was already established and successful in my field, a mother of three and about to turn 40. From the outside looking in I had everything but I wanted more!

I had this feeling of… ‘Is this it?’

It wasn’t something tangible that I wanted. It wasn’t more ‘stuff’. I knew that no amount of ‘things’ could fulfill this growing need within me. I wasn’t having a mid life crisis. I didn’t want to buy a motorbike or get a facelift. I just felt that a bigger life was meant to be lived.

More of what you have is usually not the answer and I had a niggling sense of destiny within me that made me feel that if this life or this community that I was meant to be a part of didn’t exist, then maybe… Maybe I could create it?

Obviously these thoughts didn’t happen overnight but through the course of my wanderings and searching I stumbled upon meditation, yoga and self-reflection. The clarity of...

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