Why do we feel that we don’t have enough?

the human kind project Jul 22, 2019


I was already established and successful in my field, a mother of three and about to turn 40. From the outside looking in I had everything but I wanted more!

I had this feeling of… ‘Is this it?’

It wasn’t something tangible that I wanted. It wasn’t more ‘stuff’. I knew that no amount of ‘things’ could fulfill this growing need within me. I wasn’t having a mid life crisis. I didn’t want to buy a motorbike or get a facelift. I just felt that a bigger life was meant to be lived.

More of what you have is usually not the answer and I had a niggling sense of destiny within me that made me feel that if this life or this community that I was meant to be a part of didn’t exist, then maybe… Maybe I could create it?

Obviously these thoughts didn’t happen overnight but through the course of my wanderings and searching I stumbled upon meditation, yoga and self-reflection. The clarity of thought and action that comes from mindfulness is invaluable.

It struck me that what I loved most about entrepreneurship and why I went that way to begin with was the freedom it brings. Financial freedom is a blessing but it often leads you to fear and stress. You become worried about losing what you have worked for.

Many of us become victims and trapped in a cycle of searching for satisfaction, which only eludes us along the way.

I realized that if I have enough to be secure, then happiness is not a measure of your financial position. I could make changes in my life that would ripple outwards and have an effect on the lives of others and as an entrepreneur I was ideally positioned to create that change.

However, the difference between intention and implementation is vast so I tried to listen to my heart, search out new experiences and walk the road less travelled. I chose to travel to Malawi on a ‘leadership immersion trip’ with an amazing organization called The Hunger Project.

If I were to name three things I found during my time in Africa I would have to say it was gratitude, perspective and purpose.

When you first get there the cabin pressure really drops and you’re freefalling until you understand your new perspective and mindset. Then you feel renewed gratitude for the world you’ve been blithely accepting up until now and finally a sense of enormous purpose… This is what I am meant to be doing.

This shift changed my life.

Alongside gratitude for your own life comes a tremendous sense of power and responsibility. ‘I can make a difference here. I can contribute to families and communities living extraordinarily different lives than my own…’

The people of Malawi changed the way I view the world and my own place in it.  I now see that the world is a place that is full of potential and believe it’s within all of us as humans.  I believe that once we realize that, we not only live a life that is fuller and happier, we impact others. If you don’t believe that you can change the world… You won’t.

Human Kind Project was born from this idea.


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